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Oct 27




DiscordName: NotFunny#4559

IGN: McJabbers

Age: 15

Timezone: CST

Knowledge of modded mc: I am very experienced with modded mc, some of the commands i am not familliar with but overal a 8/10

knowledge of lapitos: 5/10

Past staff experience(give ips and discord’s or any relevant website): I am an Admin on a modded minecraft server with over 1K members in the discord https://discord.gg/V8x8HsQ

Goals on tbgn: The community seems very chill and loyal to the servers.

Goal on our mc server: To make the server fun for all players and keep a non-toxic environment

What is staff to you please give a paragraph: To be a staff means to help players with questions or problems. Staff will also help other staff with problems players have or problems they have. Being staff does not exempt you from the rules so staff must also fallow them. Staff are to be responsible and serious when needed but joking around is fun.

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  • DiscordName:Da_Real_fish_YT minecraft ign:Ree_Kid_79 Age:12 timezone:east Knowledge of modded mc:umm not much but i have played a good amount i love the chisel and bits galacticraft thats it really sorry :( knowledge of lapitos:its about have fun unless you have gotten on locks bad side and its fun and its been a here for a long time -_- knowledge of shatteredrealities:wat dat? knowledge of pixelmon:pokemon but its more fun be because its minecraft knowledge of Building:swift you saw the inside of that thing.remember? Past staff experience(give ips and discord’s or any relevant website):none (-_-) Goals on tbgn:having fun with my frends (^-^) Goal on our mc server:having fun and making builds ^-^ What are you Strengths and Weaknesses when it comes to building?: they don't try messing with us and the weakness not being able to raid Strengths (What you are best at building? Ex: Statues, Buildings, etc.): the interior design. Weaknesses (What are you worst at building? Same examples):OUTSIDES!!!!! Why should we make you a Builder?: because i am pretty good at building so that is why and i have locks lunch money :)
  • DiscordName:GrumpyTurtle minecraft ign:GrumpyTurtle1 Age: (We do not accept applicants under the age of 15) 16 timezone: eastern Knowledge of modded mc: quite a lot I playe quite a bit of questing modpacks like craft of the titans and whole lot more I like modded and I have about 7/10 of mods memorized and know how to use them <only add if knowledge isn’t 0> knowledge of lapitos: a lot I know how to set up machines and how to craft the items and use them Past staff experience(give ips and discord’s or any relevant website): unfortunely I tried to be staff on a few servers but they mostly rejected me Goals on tbgn: to help out everyone Goal on our mc server: to help out everyone and walk them though the process What is staff to you please give a paragraph easy -vex I hate you all: I love this server I played it since last year I think some oeople are toxic but I can help and I see people have questions so i try to help them to tbe best of my capability
  • Please use this format and make a new thread DiscordName: Chuckaroo123 minecraft ign: Chuckaroo123 Age:skip timezone:Central Standard Time Knowledge of modded mc: i know about most mods there are a few a don't know about but i am researching them all the time knowledge of lapitos: basic understanding of pretty much every mod in the pack knowledge of shattered realities:skip knowledge of pixelmon:I know a bit been following the mod since it came out pretty much knowledge of Building:im a ok build helped with mcy ds project and a few other things on small servers Past staff experience(give ips and discord’s or any relevant website):this is my first Goals on tbgn:same as mc server Goal on our mc server:to help players build cool stuff and make the experience better for all What are you Strengths and Weaknesses when it comes to building?: Strengths (great at coming up with ideas knowing what looks good how to make it better, etc. ): Weaknesses (if you just tell me build something cool it will be hard for me but if you say build me a skyscraper i can do that): Why should we make you a Builder?:because I want to make the server better more fun and entertaining for all