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Oct 8

Solsion Staff Application

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Please use this format and make a new thread

DiscordName: Solsion

minecraft ign: Solsion

Age: 26

timezone: Pacific Standard

Knowledge of modded mc: I have been playing Minecraft since 1.7 days back when unleashed was a thing and everybody still hated Gregtech for their impssoible GraviChest plates that everyone wanted to get within a week of deployment. I have seen the changes of Thaumcraft (I dont like the new one) I have extensive knowledge of almost every major mod in Minecraft. Such other mods that are rarely seen, Agricraft/Advent Of Ascension/DivineRPG. I have experience with Galacticraft when it was first released, now with new planets and new discoveries continuing to drop its now more fun then ever. Though my knowledge is vast I still learn different things from multiple people and learning new stuff is the best way to keep updated with the standards.


knowledge of lapitos: Ive played about a week now with you guys, Ive noticed you are big on community and enjoy the little things whilst messing with players every now and then. Your servers are built by hand which is a great improvement vs the other servers who use schematica. So far most staff members have knowledge of what is going on but the recent days the chat mods/mod on Galactic Craft have not been on to assist with unruly people. Chats discriminatory in nature.

Past staff experience(give ips and discord’s or any relevant website): I have been staff on very popular servers in the past, and once you max out a pack or find a IRL job or Wife start having kids plans/activity changes. Ive been Staff on NoxFTB, FTBUltimate,Complex Gaming, DirtCraft, Im currently a developer for ProsperCraft Owner is Goshen, I help build his Spawns for his servers.

Goals on tbgn: Hoping to help with the issues that players are dealing with while on the server. I have access to discord on my phone and tablet so I can assist while I am not home. I did have the idea to submit my portfolio and apply for a builder but I still have the fun sadistic way of me when I obliterate/Raid/Pillage other players and Id rather not loose that. If you need help with Building once you make a New Server or an Event You could always let me know and I would be happy to help.

Goal on our mc server: To help the players and provide a safe and friendly community.

What is staff to you please give a paragraph easy -vex I hate you all:


Staff is the backbone of the server. While being apart of staff on any server, you have exclusive permissions and access to community chats involving other staff members, you must adhere to your own set of rules while maintaining/restricting others of their rules. As Staff you should be Honest and not abuse the perms that you may or may not have at your disposal or punishment would ensue. Staff should be a family of one.

hmmm u actually seem like a good staff person +1

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