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Sep 1

Staff application



DiscordName: lavalord #1316


Minecraft ign: davidstarup


Age: 16


Timezone: (GMT+1)


Knowledge of modded mc: Years of it. Been playing almost only modded minecraft since original Tekkit way back in the day.


Knowledge of Lapitos:

Played for a little bit before this world. I left for a break to wait for the reset to start playing again. I know a little bit about the server and I know more about what can be improved.


Past staff experience: Was mod on windycraft.net (server no longer active.) It was a semi-popular server a while back.


Goals on tbgn: Become a respected and valuable member of staff and community.


Goal on our mc server: Global domination, making a space station, colonizing Mars, visiting all the planets, nuking a few places.


What is staff to you: Staff to me is an opportunity. An opportunity to help make something better, help people, improve the server for others and myself. I want to contribute making the server the best it can be. I would love to work with everyone.


Extra: I am a developer and can help with things like server files, fixing plugins. I know 4 programming languages.



Thanks for reading. :)


New Posts
  • discord name: Mega#0002 minecraft ign: Megallix100 Age: 15 (16 in about 5 months) timezone: Pacific Standard Time Knowledge of modded mc: Intermediate knowledge of most mods. Complete understanding of Galacticraft and Thermal Foundation. <knowledge isn’t 0> knowledge of lapitos: Whatever goes goes. If you die that's your fault. Past staff experience(give ips and discord’s or any relevant website): I've owned several Discord servers in the past, but they're all long gone. Goals on tbgn: To be a friendly friend man to mostly everyone who exists. Goal on our mc server: Mainly to have fun. What is staff to you please give a paragraph easy -vex I hate you all: People who make sure hell doesn't break loose. Someone who follows and enforces the rules. I hate you too vex, it's ok.
  • DiscordName:Da_Real_fish_YT minecraft ign:Ree_Kid_79 Age:12 timezone:east Knowledge of modded mc:umm not much but i have played a good amount i love the chisel and bits galacticraft thats it really sorry :( knowledge of lapitos:its about have fun unless you have gotten on locks bad side and its fun and its been a here for a long time -_- knowledge of shatteredrealities:wat dat? knowledge of pixelmon:pokemon but its more fun be because its minecraft knowledge of Building:swift you saw the inside of that thing.remember? Past staff experience(give ips and discord’s or any relevant website):none (-_-) Goals on tbgn:having fun with my frends (^-^) Goal on our mc server:having fun and making builds ^-^ What are you Strengths and Weaknesses when it comes to building?: they don't try messing with us and the weakness not being able to raid Strengths (What you are best at building? Ex: Statues, Buildings, etc.): the interior design. Weaknesses (What are you worst at building? Same examples):OUTSIDES!!!!! Why should we make you a Builder?: because i am pretty good at building so that is why and i have locks lunch money :)
  • DiscordName:GrumpyTurtle minecraft ign:GrumpyTurtle1 Age: (We do not accept applicants under the age of 15) 16 timezone: eastern Knowledge of modded mc: quite a lot I playe quite a bit of questing modpacks like craft of the titans and whole lot more I like modded and I have about 7/10 of mods memorized and know how to use them <only add if knowledge isn’t 0> knowledge of lapitos: a lot I know how to set up machines and how to craft the items and use them Past staff experience(give ips and discord’s or any relevant website): unfortunely I tried to be staff on a few servers but they mostly rejected me Goals on tbgn: to help out everyone Goal on our mc server: to help out everyone and walk them though the process What is staff to you please give a paragraph easy -vex I hate you all: I love this server I played it since last year I think some oeople are toxic but I can help and I see people have questions so i try to help them to tbe best of my capability