Creation Team Application

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Creation Team Application

All Things in Red Must Be Answered

Discord Username:

Minecraft Username:

Age [16 or older] :

Have you ever been banned before? [If yes, why]:

How good are you at building?[1-10]:

Are you familiar with world edit?[1-10]:

Are you familiar with voxel sniper?[1-10]:

What is your main server?:

How well do you know the TBGN Packs?
- Lapitos Galacticraft :
- TBGN Pixelmon :
- Shattered Realities :

Do you ever use modded blocks in your builds?:

Give examples of poor usage of world edit while making a build:

Do you work well in teams or alone?:

Create one event you would like to run or make as a builder for TBGN. (Min 6 sentence description):

If you have some, please give us some screenshots of your builds (IF YOU USE SHADERS or TEXTURE PACKS SEND THE IMAGES WITH AND WITHOUT). Share them via Imgur links, Google Drive sharing, or upload them directly here. Just keep them in your forum thread!