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Staff Application

Discord Username: ThatOneGuy042

Minecraft Username: ThatOneGuy042

Age [16 or older] : 21

Have you been banned on Minecraft(If yes for what): No

What is your knowledge of modded Minecraft [1-10]: 10
Examples(mod packs or practical knowledge be it dupes or issues or fixes ect): Tekkit, Technic, Tekkit Classic, Tekkit Legends, RLCraft, Crafting Dead, Millenaire Mod, MineColonies, i've had years of experience with Most modpacks, new and old.

what is your knowledge of server administration/moderation [1-10]: 10
Experiences of being staff: In the past I have been an administrator in multiple servers, both vanilla and modded. As well as a Moderator of their forums.

What is your main server: Lapitos PVP

Knowledge on Lapitos [1-10]: 10

Knowledge on Pixelmon 1-10: 4

Knowledge on Shattered Realities 1-10: 1

What are 3 suggestions you have to improve the network: 1. Have active moderators and admins. 2. Fix stargate server crashes. 3. Crack down on cheating players

Please write a paragraph for those who are incompetents that is 5 -6 sentences on why you want to become staff and what you wish to achieve in the position:
I want to be part of the staff team so that i can help protect the server from cheaters and hackers. As well as help teach new players how to properly play the modpack (if they havent already) and help them to get a good start, so that they will enjoy playing on the server. I have noticed that theres not really any staff playing most of the time, so i would like to change that. I can be active most hours of the day, and I can also be reached on discord 24/7. If i am chosen for staff i will do everything i can, and more, to make this the best server in all of minecraft.
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