Staff Application

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Staff Application

Discord Username: Ravide06#4681

Minecraft Username: Ravide06 or _Raafrut123456789_

Age [16 or older] : yes i am 17

Have you been banned on Minecraft(If yes for what): no

What is your knowledge of modded Minecraft [1-10]: 9
Examples(mod packs or practical knowledge be it dupes or issues or fixes ect):

what is your knowledge of server administration/moderation [1-10]: 8.7
Experiences of being staff:

What is your main server: lapitos PVP

Knowledge on Lapitos [1-10]: 9

Knowledge on Pixelmon 1-10: 8 because i played it by myself not on this server

Knowledge on Shattered Realities 1-10: 0 because i didnt played it yet

What are 3 suggestions you have to improve the network: more funny realistiq mods like bibliocraft. Further nothing because i like it now!

Please write a paragraph for those who are incompetents that is 5 -6 sentences on why you want to become staff and what you wish to achieve in the position:
I like to help people with there problems and i want to be a funny staff. That's why I would like to be a staff member because I also help a lot of people in real life and I like that so much. I see myself as a staff soon.
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Re: Staff Application

Your not a 9 your a 5 at best
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Re: Staff Application

Application denied, have a nice day.
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Re: Staff Application

Sorry for the late reply, but going to deny this application. Have a nice day.
-Swift Director/WebMod.